Where to Find Great Deals on Domain Names

There are plenty of webmasters that have their own website hosted in their own web hosting space but still do not have their own domain that points to these sites because they haven’t thought of a good domain name that is available. Some are not ready to pay for the domain names yet until they find great deals so they tend to use free domain names for now just to get some early traffic in. But free domain names aren’t very reliable because of their lack of options and low reliability. Once you have the budget, it is best to take advantage of these great deals on domain names. Here are some of the best places to look for domain names that do not disappoint.

GoDaddy is by far one of the most popular domain registrars on the web with over 30 million domains names managed by the company since 1997. Because of its high popularity, GoDaddy was frequently in the limelight of controversies in the past, but still remained strong by offering great domains at fantastic prices, good customer support, decent account management, and excellent reliability. Top level domains can be purchased for as little as $7 a year and that is without the promos taking into account so prices can even be lower than that. You can even go for the second level domains which have lower prices and although they are not recommended for commercial sites, they are far better than free domain names.

Features supported include free domain name parking GoDaddy email login which is great for buying domains for the sake of reservations and future usage. Private domain name registration is also option so that your e-mail address and other personal information don’t appear when people look up your site using an online network tool. This is a great add-on in preventing spammers from flooding your inbox.

If you are for some reason afraid of GoDaddy’s past reputation or think that $7 is too pricey for a top level domain, you can always go for a site that is much more trusted and global like Yahoo. You can register domain names for a one-year period for just $5, but you don’t get as many incentives as what GoDaddy offers. This is a popular choice for new webmasters that are just getting started because most likely, they will not need the extra features that GoDaddy offers. Be sure to check what other incentives you get with Yahoo and compare with GoDaddy so you can make a final decision. Overall, Yahoo has a pretty good reputation with their domain registrar services.

If you are located outside the US, you may find some interesting deals with your local domain registrar. These registrars not only sell top level domains, but also country-code top-level domains. The best thing about these domain registrars is that you can pay them using your own currency and you get some speed advantages. The benefits and incentives vary so it is best to pit these local domain registrars against the international ones and see which deals are better.

Not all free domain names mean that they are low quality because if you decide to take on certain web hosting company plans, they might provide a single free .com or other top level domain that remains free as long as you pay your yearly or monthly hosting fees. The advantage of taking these deals is that they are much easier to set up and offer just enough features for you to enjoy within your website. The only downside is that if ever you need to transfer web hosting company, you need to pay for a domain transfer fee to get your domain transferred to another domain registrar and that process can take time as well.

There are other places to find great deals on domain names and don’t forget to take promos into consideration because different domain registrars may throw out promos at any given moment. Check out the ones mentioned above before going out to explore other great deals because the ones mentioned here should give you no trouble in the future.

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