Treat Yourself to a Fine Selection of Japanese Dishes at Chico Japanese Cuisine in Baguio City

When in Baguio City, Japanese food-lovers are treated with super fine treats inside Chico Japanese Cuisine. Found at 10 Carino Street within Favis Building, this dining facility is one of the most notable Japanese food service providers in the entirety of Baguio City. It serves different kinds of specialties including raw dishes, grilled delicacies, as well as deep-fried treats 日本蔬菜批發. Furthermore, it also features mixed sushi, California maki, and tuna sashimi. With a budget of 250 pesos or more, customers of this Baguio restaurant can already order a couple of the in-house specialties plus drinks.

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For people who want to experience something new besides the usual local and Chinese-themed restaurants that are predominantly present in Baguio City, they must try Chico Japanese Cuisine. This Baguio restaurant offers different kinds of enticing treats such as shrimp tempura, pork tonkatsu, and beef misono. Another must-try dish inside this place is beef teriyaki, which never fails to satisfy guests with its delectable sweet sauce and tender meat. For side dishes, customers can order corn soup, miso soup, and yakisoba.

Chico Japanese Cuisine in Baguio City is a simple yet very cozy dining facility, which is perfect for people who want to avoid crowded and noisy surroundings. Inside this Baguio restaurant, customers can enjoy their delectable food while spending some nice quality talks with one another. The service is quite fast, the servers properly dressed, and the facilities are very much presentable. It has well-maintained comfort rooms, clean floors, and an inviting atmosphere most of the time. The food offerings are not that expensive, but their quality and taste are very impressive.

The address of Chico Japanese Cuisine is 10 Carino Street within Favis Building in Baguio City. Some of the nearby hotels are Microtel Inns and Suites, Igorot Lodge, and Summer Place Hotel. Aside from the food, this Baguio restaurant is also known for serving warm and cold drinks. It serves hot tea, hot coffee, and bottle water, plus refreshing drinks such as iced tea, soft drinks, and fruit juices. The dishes are served using nice clean plates, which are very presentable. Its cozy and relaxing ambiance is just right for intimate occasions like romantic dates and business meetings. This dining facility is definitely the right place for people who wish to try something new without having to spend considerable amounts of cash.

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