Top Email Marketing Mistakes

Most online businesses set up email lists of some sort, then proceed to just send out emails. This document will show you, from the perspective of the person RECEIVING the emails, what mistakes many people make. Avoid these mistakes to ramp up your email list to profitability GoDaddy email login .

 How could this be bad? Because when a subscriber wants to change their email address, they can’t? If you expect someone to unsubscribe one email address, then go back to your site and resubscribe with another, that’s expecting a lot. The best thing to do is have “Manage your subscription” link that takes them to a page that they can unsubscribe, change their email address, and even change which lists they subscribe to. Then, have an “Quick Unsubscribe” link next to that.

Another thought here – I have signed up as a member of forums, and then gotten emails. When I wanted to change the email address or unsubscribe, I clicked on “Change subscription info” and it asked me to sign in to the forum first. If I don’t remember the forum login info I used when I created my account, I simply CAN’T get in to change my email address or unsubscribe. So, of course, I just report the emails as spam. I’ve had this happen at least four times that I can remember.

You only need their email address. You might want their first name, so you can personalize their email, but even this should be optional. Don’t require postal address, last name, and especially phone number. Requiring a phone number will cut your signups by at least 80%. And don’t require fields that are silly, like Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) or birthday. Why make it hard? Take as an example The Venetian, a casino in Las Vegas. Their signup form requires birthdate, but they have to for age verification. But it requires Title! I clicked submit without my Title, and it gave me an error message. So the first thing I get in my email relationship with The Venetian is a beep and popup error message. That’s not a good start.

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