The Support System Community For Gays: The Role Of Online Media And Magazines

Much before the internet became as convenient as it is today, it was print publications like magazines that took information and entertainment out to people. For members of the gay community, magazines were probably one of the few ways to reach out to each other. However, even then, in some countries, being seen with a gay publication or a magazine could be uncomfortable .

Now, with the internet having become a household resource, almost, the campaign for equal rights among the LGBT communities has taken on new forms and continues to see higher support in the form of more people joining cause. Further, an online gay magazine reaches out to people in the community on their own terms, where they can choose to view it on their devices whenever convenient. Overall as well, online magazines are fast becoming a friendly platform where you can share your laughter, concerns, and even exchange relevant information with like-minded people.

A lot has been said about supporting gay rights; but admittedly, simply subscribing to an online magazine or changing a status message on your social network doesn’t really mean the same as active support. However, publications are fast effecting a change. Positive changes are happening across communities such as those supporting gay rights or demanding changes in gun laws and publications such as online magazines are at the forefront in transmitting news about these changes to the public.

More importantly, LGBT rights now are all about inclusiveness and not just about homosexuality. Helped in a large measure by print and online publications and magazines, peoples’ ideas about gay identities as defined by physical traits and other superficial characteristics are undergoing a change.

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