The Magnet of Magnetic Jewelry

When we think of jewelry, we always think about gold, silver, gems and even copper or brass. More than anything, we view jewelry as things of beauty we all so fondly adorn ourselves with. Whether it’s a diamond-studded bangle bracelet, a 20-carat gold necklace or a gothic- inspired skull in brass, we wear these things on our bodies because we think they make us beautiful or make it possible for us to express ourselves in whatever way they allow.

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In other words, we think jewelry is nothing beyond aesthetic or social value. Truth is, it can be so much more. Think about it making you feel better inside, And there’ll be scientific evidence to prove that you won’t be imagining things. Yes, some types of jewelry heal bracelet pop it .

Magnetic jewelry, to be exact, can allow you to experience and benefit from general improvements in your health, although it can be as charming as any sweet and dainty bead bracelet. It does not promise anything other than to produce a magnetic field on the body when worn, causing a wave of positive effects on your tissues, particularly in terms of improved blood circulation and in the release of endorphins or painkillers. This is the reason why this type of jewelry has been a favorite alternative therapy to popping that analgesic, paracetamol or mefenamic acid. Some studies have also shown this type of jewelry helping people cope with various diseases such as hypertension and heart disease.

While magnetic jewelry has been gaining popularity nowadays, it is not to be regarded as a miraculous cure-all for everyone who wears it. In fact, it can be rather unsafe for some people, including pregnant women and those who are wearing pacemakers and any type of metal prosthetic.

Those with serious health conditions are also not advised to use magnetic jewelry unless cleared by their physicians. Cancer patients, especially those who are undergoing cobalt and other types of radioactive therapy, are strictly advised to refrain from wearing any sort of magnetic jewelry.

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