Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay – Learn Erotic Talk For More Exciting Pleasure

Ever wonder why phone sex is such a big business? Guys spend many dollars a minute for hot, dirty talk from lusty women. And women swoon over a sexy voice and devour romance novels with descriptive scenes of seduction. Although most women and men tend to be shy expressing their erotic desires, we all love to hear a sexy voice focused on arousing us. With a few techniques, you can learn how to use your voice as a powerful aural aphrodisiac. Talking dirty is hot foreplay when you discover your special language of love.

Talking dirty is not just about using naughty or even filthy words. It is about the emotions and desires you want to convey and express. Depending upon the context, you may want to scream profanities in unbridled passion or whisper the same words in public as a flirtatious hint of your frisky intentions. Consider the sultry whisper of a seductress, the harsh command of a dominatrix or the ecstatic moans of a porn star. You can stimulate your lover’s erotic imagination with explicit and descriptive detail or seduce them with simple phrases spoken in a sexy tone.

To be effective, your erotic talk needs to seem natural to you so that you feel both comfortable and confident in what you say and how you say it. This comes from practice and by becoming more aware of what you both like. Some words and phrases may feel and sound awkward at first. Here are a few ways to practice talking dirty:

  • When you are reading or watching a movie, keep track of sexy words used in romantic or arousing scenes. Make a list of erotic phrases you can use and, when alone, practice saying them out loud in a sexy voice. Get familiar with how the words sound and how they make you feel.
  • Get yourself some erotic literature that includes descriptive terms for various body parts and sex activities. Include material your lover would read. Read short, escort massage steamy passages out loud and experiment with different ways to make them sound seductive as you speak them. Try whispering, lowering or raising your tone, using a throaty purr or even speaking with an accent.
  • Write out a fantasy or short erotic story involving yourself and your lover. Weave in words and phrases you find arousing (from above). Read the story out loud to yourself using different types of voice to see which versions you find most arousing.
  • Write out a list of sexual compliments (e.g. “I love the way you …”, “It feels so good when you …”) and desires (e.g. “I want your hot tongue …”, “Use your fingers to …”). Say them out loud the way you envision using them. You may actually want to practice these while masturbating to feel how the words add to your arousal.

Once you feel confident with your aural skills, here are some ways to use erotic talk to spice up your sex life:

  • While in a public situation, seductively whisper how you want to ravish your lover. Build the anticipation with naughty ideas that might just come true before you actually get home.
  • Use erotically encouraging words to describe exactly what you want and need to reach an intense orgasm. Hearing your own words can be extremely exciting too.
  • When internet dating, your first phone call is extremely important. A seductive voice and flirtatious words can stimulate an intense desire and sense of attraction for you.
  • Engage in phone sex with your partner when you are apart (or even in separate rooms). Keep long distance relationships hot and passionate.
  • Leave naughty voice messages that will make your lover rush home craving your touch.
  • Record a sexy story or fantasy on your computer and download it to your lover’s MP3 player or iPod. Since many play videos now, you can even use a webcam to record a sexy video of yourself telling the erotic story.
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