Successful Ways on How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

Some people really don’t care about the gender of the baby. To have a gender preference is completely devalued these days. There is nothing which a boy does and girls cannot. Girls are competing equally with boys in every field and are also becoming successful, various researches have also proved this fact. People who still today think that it is a male dominated society are strictly mistaken, those people still have an orthodox mentality. People in this century are also interested in knowing about the ways on how to get pregnant with a girl. Some couples are even ready to spend huge amount of money for the procedures like artificial insemination and to assure that a girl child is born.

Not everybody can afford an expensive treatment, there are other natural ways on how to get pregnant with a girl which are indeed very helpful गर्भ में लड़के की हलचल अल्ट्रासाउंड में लड़के की क्या पहचान है गर्भ में लड़का किस साइड रहता है . To begin with the first is that your time of doing intercourse should be preplanned, you should try and make love a few days before your ovulation. This is generally done so that the female sperm resides inside the body of the women for some time before the fertilization of the egg takes place and by doing this the male sperm gets eliminated.

If you don’t want to take any chance with the gender of the child, then a reliable method as to how to get pregnant with a girl is that you make sure that the pH levels are monitored properly, as the sperm which carries the female gene can easily survive in the acidic environment while the male sperm cannot resist in this kind of environment. Hence to make the conditions favorable to give birth to a girl child you should have maximum intake of food rich in magnesium and calcium.

Another important factor on how to become pregnant with a girl is the timing. There would be a number of days during your cycle where you would have the maximum fertility but no one has ever realized that the day you conceive can affect the gender of the baby. If you happen to conceive in the early days of your cycle, then you are more likely to give birth to a baby girl whereas conceiving at the end days may result in a higher probability of having a baby boy. The reason behind this is that the girl producing sperms are strong but slow whereas boy producing sperms are weak but fast. Therefore the girl producing sperms can sustain the slower trek while the boy producing sperms would die in the same run.

Also the position of doing sex has a great role to play in deciding the gender of the child. This is the most trustful method of how to get pregnant with a girl and the chances of success of this method is hundred percent. You should make sure that your partner ejaculates only in the shallow penetration position. Missionary position works the best when it comes to depositing the sperm close to the entrance.

These methods of how to get pregnant with a girl have a very high rate of success and thousands of couples across the world trusted these methods and have been able to give birth to a girl child converting their dreams into reality. Correct timing, right amount of PH and and favorable sex positions can help you conceive a bay girl.

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