Some Very Common But Interesting Information About Russian Dolls

Inspired by the Japanese art of making Fukuruma figurines, Russian nesting dolls have been synonymous of Russian culture. These dolls are often marked as a symbol of Russian culture all over the world. The beautiful decorative Russian dolls are simply gorgeous らぶどーる . There is a lot of handwork that is involved in the making of these dolls. Also known as Matryoshkas, these have been a traditional favorite among doll collectors.

There is an interesting anecdote associated with the name Matryoshka. When these dolls were first made, the name was very popular among Russian peasant woman. The word Matryoshka is also believed to be a derivative of the Latin word ‘Mater’ or Mother. A typical nesting doll consists of a Russian mother with her large family. Intricate designs and detailed painting is what separates these handmade dolls from its other counterparts.

As mentioned earlier, making these dolls involves painstaking labor and hours of hard work. A single doll can take several months to finish and the artist may take as much time to complete the exquisite finish that consists of many layers of lacquer, as the time spent on the actual painting.

The wood used for making these dolls is taken from the lime trees grown in Siberian wastelands. They select the wood based on its durability, strength, and its wonderful fresh, hand-carved smell. The artist spends several days to paint these dolls and finally when it is perfect it is lacquered and polished to become a true masterpiece.

The making of these nesting dolls starts with that of the smallest doll, which is solid and cannot be opened. Before purchasing the doll, check whether they close properly and can be opened easily. A typical Russian woman is considered robust in health and hardworking to support her large brood. That is probably why these dolls are symbolic of fertility and are often considered an ideal gift for weddings. You could also use these as Christmas ornaments to add a touch of class to your Christmas decorations.

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