Some “Don’ts” For RTRP Exam Candidates

Do you feel trapped in exam anxiety and fear to fail? Are you postponing scheduling your Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) exam because of that? Put your thoughts into perspective and know that you are in control. You will enjoy taking the exam if you decide to make it so 200-301 . When you firmly decide that you will do your best to prepare for and pass the RTRP exam and you take the first step toward attaining that goal by choosing a date and enrolling for the exam, the inspiration for “how to do it” will come by itself.

Just consider this. If, during your preparation, you study or review all the topics the IRS outlines prescribe, you have a high chance of passing the exam.If you upgrade your knowledge on tax topics in which you perceive weakness, your increase your chances of passing the exam. If you have been preparing tax returns, you may already know more about the exam content than you think. This becomes evident as you proceed with your preparation.

c. If you approach your preparation with a “I am in control” or “I am determined to make this happen” mind-set, you eliminate fear, procrastination, and nervousness, that may stand on your way. Reaffirm your decision daily and use your willpower to create a routine supportive of your goal.Multiple choice exams are commonly considered easier than essay exams because they require exam takers to recognize a correct answer among a set of options that includes 3 or 4 wrong answers, rather than “producing” a correct answer in an essay.

However, multiple choice exams usually incorporate a broad range of questions in order to reasonably cover a given topic, and thereby force exam takers to be familiar with a broad range of topics in order to recognize the correct answers. Multiple choice exams require greater effort in preparation in order to recall pertinent details, identify incorrect answers, and choose the correct ones.

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