Reasons Why You Need Staff Scheduling Software

Creating shift schedules is a time consuming task for many shift managers. Finding out when each employee is available and creating an appropriate shift schedule can take excessive amount of time. Therefore many shift managers are moving to staff scheduling software which automatically creates a successful shift schedule.

The first step is to add employees to the system, where you can specify their name, position, hourly rate and email address Mercy smart square . If the employee is contracted a minimum amount of working hours each week this can also be entered. They are sent an activation email which welcomes them to the system and gives them instructions of how to login.

The next step is to add the shifts to the system. For each shift the start and end times are specified, how many employees are needed and the type of employee required to work the shift. You can also specify if the shift counts as overtime and hence what higher pay rate is.

When employees login to the system they can specify what times they are available to work. The software’s intelligent algorithm will then assign shifts to each employee only when they are available and meeting requirements of minimum working hours. After the schedule has been generated the shift manager can make manual changes before it is published to all employees.

After the schedule has been published employees can transfer shifts if they require. Perhaps they are not available at a time they previously thought and so can offer it to other employees who are qualified to work the shift. Upon approval from the shift manager the shift can be transferred to the other employee.

The system can also be used to manager time off taken by employees. With some staff scheduling software a limit can be set for how many days off an employee can take. After the employees request for time off is approved they are automatically removed from that days shift schedule.

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