PR 2.0: Using the Latest Web Technologies as PR Tools

Unless you live under a rock, in the last few months, you’ve probably heard the words blogs, MySpace and Podcasts more times than you care to remember. Because some of these new Web tools have gained popularity so fast, lots of folks are jumping on the bandwagon, implementing them into both their personal and business lives without a solid strategy behind it.

While there’s no harm done if you’re cruising MySpace for a date or blogging about the day to day trials of raising twins, there can be plenty of harm done when you incorporate them into your business without a broad base of knowledge and research into who you’re trying to reach, what you’re talking about and why you’re even using these technologies.

That said, there are lots of important reasons to make these Web 2.0 tools a part of your public relations arsenal with a solid base of research and strategy backing up your plan.

1) Sell things on eBay, this way you will also learn about PayPal and payment systems Sherry Dyson . If you have already sold items on eBay, go to number 2. There should be something you can sell on eBay? Open an eBay account and then work through their literatures and help guides: ‘How do I sell on eBay’, ‘Getting Started’, ‘Creating a sellers account’, ‘Selling using a reserve price’, ‘Selling using a fixed price’. Try not to be tempted to buy bargains as you browse eBay, you are supposed to be making money, not spending it.

2) Learn about Google’s AdSense. The best way to learn is to have a Google blog ( Follow the instructions and make your blog. Then click on ‘monetize’ and read about AdSense and put it on your blog.

AdSense is a really good revenue-sharing opportunity that can be used on both websites and blogs. It enables you to earn money by having ‘targeted text’ and image adverts on your blog. As people read your blog, they see an advert or text advertising a product. As visitors to your site click on and use these adverts, you get a share of the revenue. Google does all the hard work, it chooses the adverts to put on your blog, based on the content in the blog, and only advertises items it considers your visitors may be interested in.

Do you dream during the night of developing that single post that gets shared countless times, liked, re-tweeted and pinned, and solitary makes you long term passive earnings, while likewise exploding your email list and making you an authority figure in your specific niche?

Exactly what you desire from your post is to be unforgettable. There is a great deal of competitors online, with more competitors and marketing messages appearing daily. You desire it to assist individuals on such a level that your readers just cannot assist however take the action you advise. They are so impressed by the issues you fix in their life, or the value you provide, they share it on every social platform, and the one article you took a lot time and care to develop ends up being an income stream and email list builder that equals anything you have actually carried out in your business.

A single appealing, intriguing, analytical post can go a long method to making you an authority in your field. It can land you podcast interviews and JV collaborations, even double, or increase much more times your list structure efforts, as well as develop a trustworthy, passive earnings for many years.

As we go into 2010, full of promise and change from 2009, it is time to think about economical ways to market your business in the coming year. In this internet, social media age, the old marketing plans can no longer be copied into the the new plans. Here are our top ten things I suggest that you do:

1. Update your Website – Your website is no longer a brochure for the company. The internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have changed the rules. Your website needs to be searchable, it needs to have outside links refer to its content and it needs to be changed very frequently. If you have not had a major overhaul of your site in the last 5 years, its time to invest in a total makeover. Even if you do not make any major changes, the site needs to be editable by the Marketing Department or the owner. There needs to be a system of updating and changing the site on a weekly or monthly basis and having an easy to use edit tool accessible to the marketing people is a must. As discussed in the next item, the use of keywords is also essential for the search engine.

2. Invest in Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the word of the new decade in the marketing arena. For as little as $200 per month, you can hire a company to make your website land on the first page of any search. They do this by testing your website to make sure it has been optimized, by making sure the keywords are in the right place, by making sure that there is activity outside the website that points to your website such as blogs, news releases, email blast, etc. and they use tools to monitor your website activity. You may be able to do it yourself. There are many books written and being written on the subject.

3. Think About Search Engine Marketing – SEM is the sibling to SEO. When you do a search on Google, there are two distinct parts of the results page. There usually is a couple of listings at the top of the page and there are several listings to the right of the page. These are the sponsored links. If you click on one of the links, the sponsor will pay a click-through fee, usually averaging about $3 per click. The other part of the page is the organic listings where SEO activities dictate the rankings. SEM is done by bidding on the keywords you want to sponsor with the search engines. With Google, you can bid on certain words using their AdWords feature. It is usually a good idea to hire a consultant to place the words for you and to monitor the results. You might also want to design different landing pages within your website for each category of keywords so that when the customer does click-through to your site, where they land is relevant to the search term.

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