Life Insurance Medical Exam

Before you can get your final quote and actually sign your policy, you must have a medical exam. The purpose of this exam is obvious. First, they want to verify the information you provided on your application and second, they want to know if you have any medical condition which you may not be aware of Certified Ethical Hacker exam . This medical exam will directly influence your insurability and the final costs of your premiums.

In most cases, the insurance company will pay for the medical exam and will choose which paramedical will conduct the exam. In some cases, no medical exam may be necessary. This usually is the case for young people and/or policies with small coverage amounts. In most cases you can expect to be contacted by a paramedic to schedule your life insurance medical exam.

Interestingly enough, the more coverage you are requesting and the type of policy you are seeking, the more extensive your medical exam will be. Physical exam, urine specimen, blood work, EKG and x-ray are common in the medical exam. You can also expect to be tested for HIV, high cholesterol, liver or kidney disorders, diabetes, hepatitis and immune disorders, as well as drug use, and smoking.

After your exam, the results will be sent to the insurance company for review. This is why giving the most accurate information on your application is important. If they find discrepancies between your application and the results of the exam they can deny you coverage or request a second exam.

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