Is There a Future in Blogging?

Is blogging the future of the world? No. It seems that blogging is already taking over. The Center for Information Technology Policy of Princeton University sees the internet as a useful, everyday tool now and in the years to come. The reason for this is the internet has an immediate characteristic to distribute and manipulate information. In the process, and in a few years time, the internet will change the way news media works. Indeed, a quick comparison between the traditional news media and the internet reveals a big difference: it is difficult to compete against what is free and readily available.

People nowadays would even spend their payday advances to purchase laptops or personal computers and apply for good broadband plans, instead of buying new high definition television sets . Surfing the internet gives the users so many things to do and accomplish, compared to just watching shows in front of the TV or even reading the evening paper. Looking at online sites offering news and such, the content found on these websites has grown in scope and maturity. That is why the growing popularity of these websites is visibly affecting traditional news distributors.

For example, when disasters strike or breaking news from parts of the world happen-like super typhoons in the Philippines and election protests in Iran-almost instantaneous news feed spreads all over the internet through personal blogs and websites, complete with videos and photos taken from digital cameras or even mobile phones. In a few hours, a wide and wild array of political and social commentators would also upload their messages and opinions on blog sites.

Hundreds and thousands of online readers would then read and “consume” the information and they would likely add on their own comments and opinion to the content. So why pay more than a dollar for a traditional printed newspaper if one could get all the news and commentary for free online? It’s like this: getting a fast cash loan online is better than going to a loan office and using gas money and lining up for an hour-no hassles or extra fees to worry about.

Nowadays, the mainstream press acknowledges that blogging is here to stay and blog sites are serious competitors in the information dissemination industry. With a good computer or laptop and an internet connection, almost anyone can publish. A media distribution executive commented, “The cost of being a publisher dropped to almost zero with two interesting immediate results: anybody can publish and you can publish whatever you want.” That is the beauty of blogging and it is here to stay.

Most of us have heard about social bookmarking since it’s brought so much convenience to internet browsing and the ability to save our bookmarks on a website rather than our web browser. Social news is known as an offspring of social bookmarking.

Social news is very much like social bookmarking except it concentrates on and specializes in individual articles rather than saving complete websites. The articles saved on news sites come from top news sources such as Associated Press, Reuters, or they may also come from blog posts. They’re the perfect solution for individuals that want to read late breaking news without having to sort through tons of other topics.

Some of the most popular social news sites include Digg, Newsvine, Reddit and Propeller, although there are many more. These social media websites are usually broken down into individual groups such as current events, politics, sports, entertainment, etc. You’ll also often find an area where readers can vote on the articles so the best ones are on top where they’re easier to find. This is slightly different from social bookmarking sites, which instead will tell you how many times a certain website has been bookmarked.

Users of these sites enjoy these sites because it’s like reading a newspaper and finding all the best articles on the front page as opposed to having to search through the entire newspaper. You go to the specific category you’re interested in reading about and the hottest stories will be right on top.

Social news sites, like social bookmarking sites, are so much more efficient and convenient than using search engines because you don’t have to browse through dozens or more links to find what you’re looking for. Bloggers find news sites particularly helpful for generating traffic, especially if the most popular news subject happens to coincide with their subject matter.

Using a social news site is easy. It’s a matter of choosing the site you want to use and looking through the categories that interest you. You’ll have to open an account if you want to submit new articles, although you won’t need one if you only wish to read the articles already submitted.

One of the greatest developments of the past decade is the rise of blogs. Through blogging, pretty much everyone is able to comment on the state of the world and share their views from wherever they may be. This has already been a major development. When folks are on the ground witnessing a major catastrophe blogs and social media have been the engines that have been able to get the word out. Once the spread starts, the internet tidal wave takes over. If you are interested in catching news as it breaks, then it is important to make sure that you have a 4G connection that is powerful to pick up on all forms of media.

Many award winning sites take advantage of video to help tell the news story. This really personalizes the news and allows folks to feel as if they are there. When news breaks, the ubiquitous cell phone camera is able to capture it. As soon as it is uploaded, news can travel around the world. Many folks who are fans of the news are making sure that their wireless internet connection is powerful enough to handle video. There is nothing worse than realizing that what you are trying to watch is impossible because of a slow connection.

The best newspapers in the world are taking advantage of this and are integrating all different kinds of media in order to tell a news story that is complete and exciting. If you want to take advantage of this and get a news experience that is far superior to the news experiences of generations past, then you need to make sure that you have the appropriate technology to be able to do so. With mobile wimax you will be able to access and connect to all of the award winning journalism that is out there. If you have ever wanted to learn more about different parts of the world, then this is the technology for you to be able to do so.

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