How to Start Up Email Marketing – 3 Simple Steps to Get Started Instantly

Email marketing has become increasingly popular as a mean to earn passive income. Why? Simply because email marketing can work for you 24/7, can be started with very little capital and can be managed almost everywhere. But, the only problem with a lot of people out there, including you and me, is this ultimate question: How to start up internet marketing? To get a good head start, you need to purchase a domain, a reliable hosting account and autoresponder.

Well, some of you may already have products in your mind that you want to sell which is very good while some of you are still looking for products elsewhere GoDaddy email login . Not a problem, we shall tackle into that later. What you need to have right now is 3 things – credit/debit card, computer/laptop and internet connection, which obviously you already have two of them (else you would not be reading this article!).

A domain name is basically the name of your website. Some words of advice, you would not want to choose long domain name like “idonotknowhowtoreadthisdomainname”. Keep the domain name short, simple and related to the niche. If you are doing internet marketing niche, then choose ad domain name that allows the visitor to grasp some ideas on what the website is about. You can also use your own name as the domain name which is just as good. Once you are ready with your domain name, go to GoDaddy or NameCheap to purchase the domain from as low as $10.69 per year. Remember to choose only the top level domain, I personally prefer to use “.com” only.

You will need a host for the domain to get your web pages up and running so that you can start earning big bucks. Good hosting is a must to ensure your web page can be loaded quickly. A visitor will only wait an average of 7 seconds for the web page to load. You would not want to risk losing hundreds and thousands of visitors just for the sake of saving a few dollars! The most recommended hosting company is HostGator which you can subscribe from as low as $3.96 per month.

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