Holdem Lesson – Playing Holdem Ring Games

This is a quick Holdem lesson on great ring game strategies. Ring game, or cash game, strategy is important to be able to make quick cash in Holdem.

Holdem Lesson On Ring Games

For all intents and purposes, whenever you read, learn or talk about Holdem poker you are talking about ring games. Ring games are cash games. Normal Texas Holdem played for money etc. This is the standard, ‘traditional’ way of playing Holdem.

The other newer way, is Holdem tournaments. Tournament have 온라인홀덤 become very popular recently with the televised WPT and all the fame, glory and media attention to the winners.

Holdem Lesson On Tournaments

Tournaments have allowed more and more people to play poker and make massive amounts of money. The fact that you can pay a small entry fee to a tournament and win a massive cash prize makes this so. Previously you had to be rich and playing high stakes cash games to make lots of money. This was just something that was out of reach for the normal guy.

But ring games are still extremely popular. You can play them at almost any land-based venue or online poker website. Cash games are often more profitable in the short-term because you make money straight away. Good players can make a good living just from it.

In a tournament, you might play for hours and hours and then take a bad beat and lose. Sorry, you just wasted that whole time for nothing. In cash games, when you win the cash is there straight away. If you lose it is immediately gone but you have the benefit of the doubt.

Ring game strategy is different to tournament strategy. Don’t get the two mixed up. This quick Holdem lesson covered the basics of playing Holdem cash games.

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