Happy New Year 2011 and Spirituality

I wish to commune with you today for the passage of this new year. The cycle of time is something which is at the same time inexorable and beautiful. The cycle of seasons, stars, the constant changes that are shaking our lives are all small stones arranged in the path of our lives to show us our way back home, back to the divine infinite, that lost paradise that we must claim as it is our fundamental right to return to this state of grace.

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For most of you and as for me, 2010 was a year of changes, a year with many new ideas that have sprouted and a year during which life took you off guard sometimes quite brutally. However, these rude awakening should not be condemned but rather honored new year messages. For all the changes and challenges that stand are as many opportunities to find your true self, to show the world and yourself the flame that resides in your heart.

When I talk about spirituality, people often tell me that it is illogical to believe in a god that would leave many things happening in the world. Others wonder why life seems to punish them. Usually in response I smile and sympathize. But I can assure you that there is no God who has forsaken you or has been trying to persecute you. Because all of that would presupposes the existence of a God outside of you. But God, Allah, Buddha, the Holy Spirit, the Christ consciousness that incarnated fully in this man named Jesus, the Great Spirit of Native Americans, the divine is everywhere and therefore seat at this moment in you. This force is pure love, goodness, infinite abundance, original beauty. It is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end of all things. It is the twinkling stars at night, the scent of jasmine at dawn, the laughter of a child, the love that burns in the eyes of a couple, the soar of the eagle, the song of an orca… But it is also the transformation of the body after burial, the explosion of stars, the transformation of autumn leaves that feed the young oaks in the spring…

Traditionally, the New Year is a time when we evaluate the finished year and announce good intentions for the one to come. But alas at that time we often feel guilty and criticize life or God for what we experienced. It is also the time when we redrew the map of our goals and our wishes by deciding to erase the past year. Early in the new year, it is customary to wish people a new beginning. We wish people to start over and to obtain a number of things which should bring the peace they so desire. I decided to break with tradition and wish you a year 2011 in my way. This will perhaps seem strange but take it as a sincere token of my love for you, that I know you personally or not.

Firstly I hope you will not forget 2010. Enjoy that year with its blessings and its challenges. They have shaped you and were many opportunities for you to grow, evolve, move forward on your path. Our eternal souls from the firmament dream our lives just to make us grow and help us to return home. Take the example of a great athlete who lost a major competition. He do not forget, he learns from his failure, change his training and then win the next competition. He does not turn his back on his past and does not drown in his misery. So look at the year 2010 with a half smile. Thank it for having led you to the shores of 2011, for it has taught you these lessons, it has supported you in your real quest. Now you can look towards the future with the wisdom of experience.

Finally I will wish you one thing for the coming year. Something so precious that if you have it then, health, material abundance, physical love, all this will come naturally to you at the best time. I wish you will find the love of the divine in you. I do not mean necessarily that you will become religious because it has nothing to do with it. I am talking about finding this unconditional love in you, this star that shines brightly in the palm of your heart and which will help you to play your score in the symphony of life. Gandhi said “if a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he stands, therefore, in the heart of all the others religions” (note: it is my own translation from the French quote). For me each one’s own religion is about the way each of you perceive the divine and the infinite in everything, how you can become an expression of this primordial energy: unconditional love. When you see how to embrace the divine in everything then you find God, then you meet with your true self and you open your eyes to your place in the universe. When you fall in love with the world, you fall in love with yourself and you begin the most beautiful of the romances: the one with Creation. Therefore everything you will need to be really happy will appear on the path you dance.

Get out there. Today business goes well beyond a website. For example, set up a LinkedIn client group to share advice and ideas among clients. This can be more intimate and exclusive than an open network. For a more open environment try a Facebook page. These take a while to build up so do not be discouraged if the response is slower than anticipated. Keep posting current items. These take work though. If you do not have the time or person to work on this it is best to wait until you do.

Take the word “policy” out of everyone’s vocabulary at the company. “Policy” is a word that indicates that the company is inflexible and unwilling to accommodate a special circumstance. Policies should be guidelines that are needed for business operation but should not stand in the way of a solution.

Treat employees well. A company is people. Unless people are treated well and respected for their talents they will not be able to service customers. Offer whatever benefits you can afford. Create a nice atmosphere with good work tools. Listen to issues. Be considerate if an employee has personal problems. Try not to micro-manage. Praise when deserved. Do not praise when not deserved. Know when to give a second chance and when not to. If you are less than perfect on this then keep trying. Most of us need to keep trying.

Document everything in an automated system. All information stays with the company. Keep client matters confidential and secure. Buy a shredder and make everyone use it. Store everything on a corporate server not desktops. Maintain a secure network with anti-malware. Ensure that data backups are taken and securely stored. Information is the business. Never lose sight of this.

Nothing is perfect. Keep checking processes, procedures and practices. Be willing to change as well as stay the same for good reason. What others are doing may not be right for you. Manage growth and assess profitability constantly. Never travel without a roadmap. This ensures that you will always get where you are going.

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