Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising How to Get More Exposure & Clicks For Your Ads

When you’re using the Google AdWords pay per click system, your ad needs as much exposure as possible to get more clicks. More clicks means a higher quality score. A higher quality score means you get a higher position and you pay less per click.

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How do you ensure your ad gets shown more often for more clicks? Set a high enough budget. If you are willing to pay £10 per day, you can set your budget to £15 per day and sometimes still only pay £10.

The budget you set depends on the number of keywords and their search volume. For example, if you just set a budget of £5 per day for the keyword “loans” you know you ad will get enough exposure to get enough clicks since “loans” is a very highly searched keyword google position checker tool.

But if you set the same budget for “loans”, “mortgages” and “insurance” you know that your ad will get very little exposure in Google on the same budget.

How to make sure your campaign settings are correct to get maximum exposure? In the settings tab, select the country for your campaign. If you have a very highly searched keyword, it may be best to select one country or even a location in your country so you get maximum exposure.

If you chose many countries for a highly searched keyword, you may find your ad just gets shown on and off throughout the day (depending on your budget)

In “networks and devices”, check “Google search” and “search partners” and “computers” under devices. Again, to get more exposure in a certain area rather than little exposure in numerous areas.

Under “advanced settings” you can also schedule your ad to appear at certain times of the day. If it is a highly searched keyword and your budget isn’t high enough to show it throughout the day, you may just want to select certain times of the day to show your ad i.e. when you make the most sales.

For example: If you find you get more sales say 6-10pm, Monday to Friday you can a better return for your ad spend by just advertising just 6-10pm Monday to Friday rather than the whole week.

Under ad rotation, check: Rotate: Show ads more evenly to get equal exposure for more than one ad if you are split testing 2 ads.

Summing up Using these settings un-complicates things and gives your ad more exposure and less to worry about. But you have to take into account factors such as: budget, how highly searched the keyword is and the above settings. The goal is to show your ad in less places (country, network, device, day/time) more often rather than more places less often.

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