Glass Flowers Stay Fresh Forever

What comes to your mind when you think about flowers? The fragrance, freshness and the vitality they spread are just some of the things I associate flowers with but the one thing that really disheartens me is the short life span they have. Sure, some cut flowers can live up to 2 weeks but their freshness fades away. There is an alternative to this problem – that of exquisite hand blown glass flowers!

Let me give you some history about glass art. The earliest forms of glass art were seen as early as 50BC! Obviously, glass art has evolved a lot since then and has expanded to include arts บาคาร่า like glass blowing, stained glass, glass sculptures etc. Glass artists have always been highly respected for their talents and their unique craft. The beauty of molten glass while it is being formed draws spectators, who become collectors, after appreciating the talent and time involved in creating glass art.

It is not uncommon to see giant glass flower clusters in hotel lobbies like the display in the lobby ceiling at the Bellagio resort-casino in Las Vegas by Dale Chuli. One of the most famous collections is the one housed in the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which includes flowers, cactuses and even animals made from glass. Being a glass artist since the last seven years, am not surprised considering that glass is one of the most versatile materials and its chemical & physical properties allow craftsmen to mold it into any shape!

Glass flowers make a unique statement and are perfect for gifting on anniversaries and house warming parties. Think about this – they don’t wither, they don’t die, and they don’t need water, air or sun but if you do put them in the sun, you will be spell bounded by the when the sun reflects and dances off the different colors. You can purchase them in any color and size, they range from long stemmed single flowers to flower clusters that can be used in the garden or as a centerpiece for any room.

Savvy home owners also request custom glass flower installations which can be as elaborate as the ones you see in hotel lobbies or simple, elegant arrangements to make the area more personal.

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