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You must take look at Gibline. The Gibline Global Internet Business with over 15,000 members in 30 days is creating a global phenomenon and with more people continuing to join, you can play a part and greatly benefit from “Gibline’s” network of business entrepreneurs. The time has now come for everyone to join the global marketplace and, in the process, change the way the world does business. In a world full of incredible success stories, a chapter has now been written with you in it! This remarkable internet business was developed as a way to help the average person receive large amounts of income from home without spending much time, money, or effort.

The program is a Global Revenue sharing and social networking system that works by using the principles of individual financial gain through group cooperation GoDaddy email login . It is designed for people who want to earn money and take back their freedom. It is the perfect business for people who are tired of spending all of their money on advertising without any sales to show for it.

The Internet focus now is on the social networking business also known as Web 2.0 and advertising. What if you had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google? You know the answer would be” The Greatest Opportunity Ever”. Companies like MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy, and Google are successful because they each meet the need of the user to establish connections with other people around the world. With Gibline, this
need is primarily met through a new medium called business/social networking also referred to as Web 2.0. It is ushering in a new development to the multi-billion dollar internet explosion that is poised to rival the likes of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy, and Google.

Now imagine for a moment the potential of a company that could bring all of the best elements of these companies under one roof with a focus on a business social networking community. It would be designed for small, medium, and even home business entrepreneurs around the world with a primary objective to promote, advertise, and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace. This is the “GibLine” business model. published our Press Release because we had a documented attendance of over 20,000 on a single conference call!

In order to grow it into an enormous new social networking community rapidly, the Revenue Sharing Program has been designed to share the financial success with all members who help build it. To ensure that GibLine is established as the dominating business community globally, the company has designed an innovative plan to allow members to profit from GibLine’s growth. Collective Intelligence Means: NO ONE Gets Left Behind!

41. Keep your file structure as simple as possible with your site. Unless you know for sure that your site may eventually contain many hundreds of files, I suggest just putting all the files on the root. The only exception to this is that you may wish to have an image folder for all your images.

42. DO NOT put your .htm files into subdirectories! Keep all your individual web pages on the root. For young sites, Google is not likely to index any pages which are deeper than the root. If you think you site could contain many hundreds of pages some day, you may think about going ahead and start categorizing them in folders. This is not something you can do later. What structure you start with you must keep due to the way the search engines index pages.

43. A warning about DUPLICATE CONTENT: Your site will be penalized by the search engines if they see too much duplicate content within the site. For example, Cactus Canyon sells two types of liquid glucosamine products. They are both designed to do the same thing. I simply can’t copy and paste the benefits of using one into a page about the benefits of using the other. I have to REWRITE the benefits into original content for the other product. It must be UNIQUE. Also, say you want to move a page from this path, yoursite/dogs/dog-collars.htm to yoursite/dog-collars.htm. You can’t simply delete the first files location and put the file into the new location even though it is the same file. The search engines will think the new location is a new file. They will not immediately blank out from their memory the other files location. They will still consider this situation to be two files. And since they are both the same, the new location will be considered duplicate content and penalized. It is best to leave the other page where it is and rewrite a new page for the new location. Be careful about duplicate content. Always think about the consequences of doing things which the search engines may perceive as being duplicated content.

44. Use Digital Point to keep track of how your pages rank in the search engines. You may register for free and then track as many of your pages as you like for free. You simply type in the URL of a page and keyword you optimized it for. It will then tell you how the page ranks for that keyword in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. And best of all, the entire list of pages you create is saved for you. Simply login, click a button and all the page ranks for the keywords are checked. You can easily see how all of your pages rank for specific keywords at any time.

45. The VERY BEST place to read about, study, research, and ask questions about all aspects of Internet marketing is Register for free and you will have access to the best forum of webmasters on the web!

46. Another site I check out on a regular basis is Matt Cutt’s blog. Matt is a top Google engineer and is well known for “almost” giving away some good secrets about Google search. I don’t know about any secrets, but his blog is dedicated to search and is very interesting!

47. My hard drive is FULL of files; all kinds of files. Once your Internet business has been going for a while you too will have more files accumulated than you ever dreamed. Sometimes finding a specific file is a big problem! I finally discovered Google Desktop. This search software is so cool! You download it free from Google and install it. It spends a few hours indexing your entire hard drive. After that you can go do a Google search on your desktop and actually find any file you look for. This search program is MUCH better than the built-in Windows search feature. I highly suggest it. It will save you a LOT of time.

48. Do something EVERY DAY for your business…no matter what. I have succeeded with this almost every day for the past several years. There is so much work to be done, that if you think about it in large terms it is too overwhelming. But if you decide to do at least something every day, it will all add up. Some days you may only be able to spend time browsing WebmastersWorld. Other days you may be able to spend 6 or 7 hours writing new content. But it is important to do SOMETHING every day!

49. Before deciding to sell a product online. Make sure you ask the manufacturer if you are allowed to sell online. Some manufacturers forbid it because they are afraid it will cut into their profits. Others welcome you to. And still others may allow it on the Internet but not on eBay. Don’t spend any time on an idea until you find out for sure you are allowed to promote it online.

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