Ergonomic Positioning and Office Chairs, How You Sit Does Matter

Most workers spend the majority of the day in their office chair, keeping comfortable and moving is vitally important to production. Movement is critical to body health and must be remembered when choosing the right office seating. Ergonomic furniture is necessary in the workplace and the importance desk bike of proper positioning should not be forgotten for a healthy body and mind and a productive worker.

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Ergonomic positioning can be defined as the art of making sure that each body part is at the proper angle and weight and muscle tension is distributed evenly throughout the body. Starting from the bottom of the body frame and moving up, the feet should be placed flat on the ground at all times, even when reclining. This usually requires an ergonomic mechanism commonly called 2-1 synchro knee tilt which allows the user to recline while still keeping their feet on the floor. This feature is usually found in more high-end office chair models.

The lower back or lumbar region should also have proper support and cushioning on your selection of office chair. Studies that have been done recently have shown us that the proper ergonomic position is not upright but is in a more reclined posture. Your body should be at a reclined posture of approximately 100-110 degrees. You need to make sure that your chair allows for this. When in the recommended position, your body should begin to start working properly. There is less postural muscle activity and disc pressure in the lower spine area when properly positioned and your body will thank you for that.

Making sure to sit back in your chair without leaning forward as you stare at the screen can truly help your back to feel less tension. Make sure the head and neck are relaxed and slightly reclined. There are many other components to a good ergonomic workstation such as keyboard and monitor trays and computer monitor and desk height adjustment features to consider as well.

Making sure that your workspace has the proper ergonomics in all of these areas will help for a healthier body and more positive blood flow. Keep focused on which position your body is in throughout the day and in no time, you should be using the right ergonomic posture with no effort at all.

As any woman knows, wearing a pair of high heels for five minutes is great, but try walking around for hours at the office and your feet start to kill. Ordinary office chairs work the same way; they are fine for a little while, but after an extended period of time your back hurts. And back pain is hurting more than just the employees, it costs us an average of more than $4 billion every year, and, preceded only by the common cold, is the leading factor that keeps people away from the office. The answer? Ergonomics.

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