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Adding a news feed or blog postings to a website will dramatically help with search engines ranking your site higher in search results. They are very easy to add and update. Have your web master do this for you. If you are wondering if this really works then the simple answer is yes. The reason why is because search engines always look to promote sites that are current and have useful information Essicatori Professionali for their users. You’ll notice the website that always have fresh content and a lot of viewers always have either news updates or great blogs which people subscribe to. Keep in mind when creating comments or updates that they should have information pertaining to only your particular hotel.

Good content and what is it webwizard360 ?

Well what good content is has to pertain with the information provided to help promote your property to the people that will be visiting your hotel. I’ve seen blogs and news updates that really don’t pertain to the property in hopes that additional post will keep the ping rate high with the search engines. This is known as Black Hat and doesn’t sit well with search engines. Once a search engine thinks your site is using black hat techniques they will penalize or possibly ban your site. Stay honest to what you’re visitors will want to read about and you’ll get more clicks.

Ping…ping…ping smootnews

Now I touched briefly on ping rates. Basically a ping lets the search engines know to crawl your site for the new content you might have added. By having continual pings your site will work it’s way up the organic search results. There is always a limit on things and it’s no different than ping submissions on any search engine. If you only submit a ping once a day you’ll be fine. Most search engines use to only allow for one every 24 hours but now with the blogging world they are allowing for one ping per hour.

Getting people to see your feed/blog

Now this topic can be talked to death but the basic principles of marketing apply here. You need to get the word out about your continual updates and create a reason to check out your site frequently. How you do this is up to you. Some clients of mine use new coupons that are only available if you are on their website. Subscribing to the blog world will also help other bloggers keep up with your updates. This traffic isn’t always the best because they really have no intentions of coming to your property. Will it still help with your site rankings though? You bet it will. Again you want to get your site ranked high so this technique will certainly help to do so.

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