A History Of Contemporary Jewellery

The history of jewellery is a long and fascinating one, with bead artefacts as old as 100,000 years being found. Jewellery is a form of personal adornment and has also traditionally been considered a type of status symbol with some cultures restricting the wearing of some items to those of certain status.

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These days, whilst some forms of jewellery do depict a certain financial status, you’ll also find that traditional ‘costume’ jewellery is being worn alongside it’s real counterpart as wearers choose an eclectic mix of designer and low-value pieces that suit their outfit, personality, and event.

The contemporary jewellery movement, also known as modern jewellery really started at the end of the second world war buy gold in abu dhabi , in a similar vein to the architecture of the time, it used clean lines, geometric and symmetrical patterns and styles to display a distinct move away from previously more detailed pieces.

The pieces of this genre moved from personal adornment to wearable art due in part to the advent of new materials that were created and manufactured around the same time including plastics and artificial gemstones. Additionally other metals were used instead of the traditional gold and silver, such as stainless steel and copper, to make pieces more affordable as well as interesting.

Creators of these pieces have become artisans, sculptors, and designers making jewellery using traditional methods as well as modern techniques. Music has also played a part in the evolution of contemporary pieces, in particular hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and popular music, particularly in the popularity of ‘bling’ which is the term for rather flashy diamante encrusted pieces, a far cry from the pared down style from the 40’s, however popular culture sets the tone for many trends including what we wear.

More recently trends have seen contemporary jewellery incorporate a wide range of styles, materials, genres, and cultures, blending old with new, modern with traditional, and reworking of original pieces into a brand new object. One thing still stands true, and that is the quality and workmanship of these pieces. traditional techniques are still used to ensure high quality, timeless pieces that not only look good now, but will also look good in years to come.

Whilst brass is not an overly popular metal for use in jewellery, it was once an extremely popular choice because, when polished up, it resembles gold but is nowhere near as expensive. For this reason, it’s likely that some of the jewellery passed down to you from your grandmothers and great grandmothers is actually composed of brass. Over time, the metal will have tarnished; whilst some people actually prefer this look, others think it ruins the piece. Use these tips to help restore your brass jewellery:

In recent times, being fashionable is all about wearing offbeat items and crystal jewellery has given people a new dimension in fashion. Crystals have been known to people since ages and they have used it for a variety of purposes over the years. Some have also been known to protect the crystals for fun and for collections. They rarely take them out, perhaps only when there are special occasions and adorn them with pride. But such crystals were quite priceless and were more often received as legacy from grandparents and such. But nowadays, crystal jewellery is more about fashion than priceless items. This is because such items are being looked at as fashion accessories and these are also available in the market at quite low costs.

This might be one of the biggest reasons that people are flaunting jewelleries made of crystals in different shapes and sizes and even colors. Ladies are seen wearing these items, in matching with their dress, which further adds to their glamour quotient. Most of the celebrities are seen to adorn the crystal bracelets, whenever they are out attending parties or walking the red carpet. This kind of usage has made many common women yearn for the items made from crystals, which are obviously not very pricey, but still add the glamour quotient to their looks.

Crystal bracelets have become a common substitute for bangles or cords, which are used by ladies. They can be easily found to be wearing one of such bracelets and sometimes more than one, which matches up with their dresses, a feature which is common among ladies from all classes. Daily working females like to wear the crystal jewellery to work and this is considered to be a fashion nowadays. Many people are purchasing these items made of crystals from different sources, most commonly being the online stores, which are cropping up in large numbers in the 21st century, where online fashion stores are common.

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