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The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing and it is both an art and a science in many respects. Fundamentally, however the same is true as always — if you want to rank highly for the primary key words that are most appropriate for your product or service, you must make sure that your site is both well optimized and adequately composed. If you pay particular and ongoing attention to these areas, you will find that over time you will achieve your rightful place and your site will be seen as relevant. Pick up as many products, services and appropriate tools as you can including a search engine ranking tool. google rank checker api

In business you are always looking for an edge, something that keeps you ahead of your rivals and this applies equally in the world of Internet marketing. You cannot just go ahead and try and sell your products and services as if you were the only company out there and Internet marketers turn to a variety of solutions to help them understand what’s going on. A good search engine ranking tool, for example, will show you where you are in relation to your competitors.

Designers and engineers have come up with a variety of tools to help you in the world of Internet marketing and you can find many of them if you join one of the appropriate membership sites online. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, has a variety of top class tools relating to article marketing and pay per click to help you achieve an edge.

A search engine ranking tool would definitely be of value if you are currently involved in a major promotional campaign. It is always good to be able to see where you rank in relation to a major keyword and how this improves as your optimization campaign continues.

One of the key things to understand about Internet marketing, is that you must choose long tail keywords, keywords which are very specific in relation to your product or service. Trying to rank for very heavily trafficked keywords is often not worth it and you should remember that when people are searching for information, they tend to be very specific and will enter multiple words within the search box. These are known as long tail keywords and it is much more appropriate for you to try and optimize for them as you have a much better chance of converting prospects.

When you are trying to determine keywords for your campaign, you can use Google’s free tools to assess how many searches are made on a monthly basis for specific keywords. This will help you to assess whether it is worth your while to chase after that traffic area and if you find a keyword with a healthy number of searches, enter the same keywords into the Google search box surrounded by quotes. The result that you obtain will show you how many websites are actually trying to rank for that specific keyword. The lower the number, the more you should consider trying to rank.

Internet marketing is so complicated that if you are a newcomer you owe it to yourself to join some of the first class membership sites online, which will help you to get a good education as quickly as possible, to interact with people who are already in your sphere and to shortcut what would otherwise be a long and difficult educational process.

If you want to check the position of your website in relation to others, according to a particular keyword or keywords, a few sites purport to do this although their efficiency can be somewhat mixed. One of the better ones is Google rankings, although you will need a special developer’s key if you are to get results from the largest engine, Google. The Google API tool you need is no longer available, although if you do have one, it appears that it still works.

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